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New Movie

2010-10-28 23:09:22 by fitskies1

Deal with it

Nobody probably cares, but i just wanted to bring my page up to date.
Not Even 60 Seconds in how sad.

Dungeons Or Dragons 7 in the making

Good Quality Dwarf

2010-09-05 21:34:06 by fitskies1

For the next Dungeons Or Dragons

Good Quality Dwarf

It's been about a year since i made DOD 5, and i'm still trying to come up with a new fresh idea for the series, Because i don't want the whole thing to be the same as the previous installments.
You couldn't begin to understand how many hours i have sat in front of my computer screen trying to think of a new, actually funny adventure.
it might be writers block or i'm just too damn lazy... yup it's lazy.

I was actually thinking of making it a Frame by frame flash with voices and making the flash itself a bit longer, but... since i'm just about the laziest person on this planet, i think it'll take a while.
Anyway i found this picture i made a long while ago and lost it but found it again.

Dungeons Or Dragons.... Never?!?!?!?!?

I've made DoD 4 and 5 but I cannot submit them now, due to the lack of internet at the cave I live in.
(I'm at a poofy internet kiosk typing this so there is no chance of that here)
I will upload them as soon as it is possible.

Dungeons Or Dragons 4...soon

2008-04-02 05:09:22 by fitskies1

It will be out when my maturity levels drop even further